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Eye & Vision Condition Improvement

Eye infection (back): "My father-in-law developed an eye infection due to cataract surgery. He was under a specialist's care for over two months, going to see him every day for a while and then every few days and using FOUR types of drops in the infected  eye every hour. Then the doctor mentioned he might have to do surgery to "hopefuly" correct the problem. But he started my father-in-law on a marine phytoplankton tonic three times a day on a Tuesday and the doctor saw improvement the following Thursday. Then the following Tuesday, the doctor was very impressed with his progress. Plus, my  father-in-law said he could see better out of that ye than he had in over two months. The following Thursday, the infection had complerely CLEARED up. The doctor was so impressed, he told my father-in-law to keep taking the marine phytoplankton and released him because the eye problem was completely healed." Pat Thomas.

Astigmatism (back): "About 5 years ago my eyesight had deteriorated to the point of requiring glasses. Suffering from astigmatism I worked for years on computers not noticing that I was squinting all the time trying desperately to focus on the screen. I am a graphic designer and my eyes are everything to me. I started taking Marine Phytoplankton less than a month ago and my eyesight has improved greatly. I still require glasses, but I can focus easier, my vision is much more focused with no squinting, and it gets better everyday. I use to perform eye exercises daily and had noticed only a slight difference after a few months. But after a couple of weeks on this product, the exercises are giving me dramatic results. I can now read the directions on the back of the shampoo bottle, which is something I haven't been able to do for years. Along with vision clarity is the brain clarity as well. I have taken greens for years and saw improvement in mind focus and energy. With the addition of Marine Phytoplankton in my diet, I am seeing dramatic differences in my ability to focus on tasks and the amount of energy I have to take them on - plus I sleep better at night." Chris

"I've worn corrective lenses for almost thirry years.Two years ago, I had an optometrist tell me my eyesighth ad worsened  and I would need a stronger prescription. After a few months of taking marine phytoplankton regularily I, noticed I needed to take my glasses off for short periods during the day due to the strain. My eyes were changing. My whole life is changing with my new eyesight. My vision has improved significantly for the first time in almost thirty years." Tanya S  Boulder CO

"I have been using Marine Phytoplankton for 1-1/2 months now. My wife noticed in the second week that I was growing hair in my bald spot (a lot of it!) and 2-weeks ago I walked out to the mailbox and got the paper and was reading it on the front porch and suddenly it dawned on me that I was not wearing my glasses! I haven't been able to read without glasses for years. The gal that cuts my hair also asked if I had changed conditioner and I said "no" and she had noticed that my hair was much healthier and thicker. I also sleep like a baby at night now and wake feeling rested. I use to get up for a few minutes and then head back to bed for a couple hours and since taking Marine Phytoplankton I stay up and feel great!" F. K

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